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Iodine! Why you Need it…


Importance of Iodine

In many American’s diets, iodine is not a regularly consumed nutrient. As a result we are seeing a surge of health challenges arrive and thrive. To combat challenges like thinning hair, hypothyroidism, fibrocystic diseases, low energy and other thyroid related challenges I recommend the consumption of 12.5 milligrams of iodine daily. Your thyroid gland is the storehouse for iodine, and when a person’s body is deficient in iodine other items that are antagonistic to healthy body function take up residence, including bromine, chlorine and fluorine. If you begin a regimen which includes a large amount of iodine you will experience detoxification effects as your thyroid flushes out the negative elements and readies itself for the iodine it needs. To avoid an overwhelming detoxification effect on your body which can include flu-like symptoms a protocol that will allow you to gradually increase the amount of iodine you consume is in order. This protocol includes a low dose iodine product and then, at the graduated stage, high potency iodine products that will help you maintain healthy thyroid function.

Iodine is a trace element and an essential micronutrient. Almost 80 percent of the body’s iodine content resides in the thyroid gland where its sole function is to form part of the two important thyroid hormones – thyroxine and triiodothyronine. These hormones influence the rate of metabolism and are necessary for the regulation of normal growth and development. During our entire lifetime, we only require a little more than a teaspoonful of iodine, but since the body does not store iodine, we need to consume it regularly to support consistent thyroid hormone production. The body is able to absorb iodine in both the organic and inorganic state, both readily available in a normal, well-balanced diet. Iodine is found in iodized salt, water, oysters, fish, beef, pork, eggs, bread, dairy products, apples, cranberries, and many vegetables. As with many other nutrients, young adults and pregnant or lactating women may require somewhat greater iodine intake to support their nutritional needs.

Let’s talk about the two products I recommend:

Prolamine Iodine

How Prolamine Iodine keeps you healthy

Boosts serum iodine levels
Failure to eat a well balanced diet can result in loss of essential vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients, including iodine. Prolamine Iodine contains 3 mg of iodine per tablet to help your body maintain a healthy serum iodine level. Proalamine Iodine is most beneficial when used as a short-term mechanism to support serum iodine levels. In the long run, a well-balanced diet is the best way to maintain healthy levels of all nutrients, including iodine. †

Supports normal growth and development
The sole purpose for iodine in the body is to facilitate formation of thyroxine and triiodothyronine. These hormones cannot be formed without it. Triiodothyronine is the hormone intimately involved in the regulation of normal growth and development, and it is produced from the metabolism of thyroxine, which contains four atoms of iodine per molecule. These two hormones help keep young bodies and minds growing and developing at a healthy rate. †

Supports a healthy metabolic rate
The thyroid hormones boost the rate at which the body’s cells use oxygen and organic molecules to produce energy and heat. They are directly and indirectly involved with the growth and maintenance of the skeletal and nervous systems. The thyroid hormones stimulate different types of cells to perform their specific functions, such as protein synthesis, water balance, and many other physiological processes. Without iodine, this would not be possible. †

» What makes Prolamine Iodine unique?

Product Attributes
A distinctive product that contains iodine

» Prolamine Iodine is bound to zein, a protein derived from corn
» To help maintain healthy iodine levels, support thyroid hormone production, and maintain a healthy serum iodine level. †



The calcium lactate in Prolamine Iodine is from a pure-vegetable source


» Not derived from a dairy source

Manufacturing and Quality Control Processes
Degreed microbiologist and chemist in Standard Process’ on-site laboratories continually conduct bacterial and analytical tests on raw materials, product batches, and finished products

» Ensures consistent quality and safety

Vitamin and mineral analysis validate product content and specifications

» Assures high-quality essential nutrients are delivered



High Potency Iodine/Potassium Iodide Supplement 

Iodoral® is a Tablet form of Lugol solution and is available in 2 strengths

»  12.5mg/Tablet
»  50mg/Tablet

»  What makes Iodorol unique?

One 12.5 mg. tablet of Iodorol supplies an amount of total elemental iodine, comparable to the average daily intake of this essential element by mainland Japanese, a population with a very low prevalence of fibrocystic disease of the breast and breast cancer.

Iodine is an essential element. Although its main function is in the production of thyroid hormones by the thyroid gland, other organs in the body have a need for iodine in order to function normally (4).

Several studies have demonstrated a relationship between low iodine intake and fibrocystic disease of the breast (FDB), both in women and laboratory animals (1,2). The minimum amount of iodine required for control and prevention of FDB is equivalent to 0.1mg/kg body weight/day. For example, for a 50 kg woman, the daily amount of iodine would be 5 mg. The thyroid gland needs iodide to function properly. The original study done 80 years ago to control goiter in adolescent girls used 9 mg iodide daily (3).

During the early 1900’s, the iodine/iodide solution called Lugol solution was used extensively, effectively and safely in medical practice, for both low activity and above normal activity of the thyroid gland (4). The recommended daily intake for iodine supplementation was 2 to 6 drops of Lugol solution containing 12.5 to 37.5 mg total iodide. That amount was mentioned as lately as 1995 in a book on Pharmaceutical Sciences (5). Several investigators have shown convincing evidence connecting inadequate iodine intake and breast cancer (6). Japanese women living in Japan consumed a daily average of 13.8 mg total elemental iodine and they experience one of the lowest prevalence (risk) for breast, ovarian and uterine cancer (6). In the 1960’s, one slice of bread in the USA contained the full RDA of 0.15 mg iodine. The risk for breast cancer was then 1 in 20 (7). Over the last 2 decades, iodine was replaced by bromine in the bread making process. Bromine blocks thyroid function and may interfere with the anticancer effect of iodine on the breast (4). Now, the risk for breast cancer is 1 in 8 and increasing 1% per year (7).

The RDA limits for vitamins and minerals were established after World War II. One of the last essential elements included in the RDA system was iodine, established in 1980 and confirmed in 1989 (8). The RDA for iodine was based on the amount of iodine/iodide needed to prevent goiter, extreme stupidity and hypothyroidism (9). The optimal requirement of the whole human body for iodine has never been studied. Therefore, the optimal amount of this element for physical and mental wellbeing is unknown. Based on demographic studies, the mainland Japanese consumed an average of 13.8 mg daily and they are one of the healthiest people on planet earth (6). Lugol solution is a time-tested preparation with a proven track record for over 150 years. Two drops contain 12.5 mg iodine/iodide, an amount very close to the 13.8 mg average intake of mainland Japanese.

»  Formulation

Administration of iodine/iodide in liquid solution is not very accurate, may stain clothing, has an unpleasant taste and causes gastric irritation. Iodoral® is a precisely quantified tablet form containing 5 mg iodine and 7.5 mg iodide as the potassium salt. To prevent gastric irritation, the iodine/iodide preparation was absorbed unto a colloidal silica excipient; and to eliminate the unpleasant taste of iodine, the tablets were coated with a thin film of pharmaceutical glaze (10).

»  Suggested Use

The suggested daily amount is 1-4 tablets/day as recommended by your physician. Work closely with your physician and natural healthcare provider while on the Iodoral® program. Report to your doctors any history of thyroid surgery and/or radiation, chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis (Hashimoto), and any previous problem with your thyroid. Before starting Iodoral®, your doctor will order blood tests for hematology, blood chemistry and thyroid functions. If you are taking thyroid hormones, let your physician know about it. Be aware that Iodoral® enhances the response of your body to thyroid hormones (4,6). Subjects on Iodoral® feel warmer in cold environments and that is expected. However, you will need to cut down the amount of thyroid hormones if you experience palpitation, anxiety, increased sweating and intolerance to heat. That is because Iodoral® decreases your need for thyroid hormones. Keep a record of what you observe while on Iodoral® and show it to your physician and natural healthcare provider.

To test whole body sufficiency for iodine, 4 tablets of Iodoral® are ingested, followed by 24 hr. urine collection. The more deficient a subject is in iodine, the more iodine is retained by the body and the least excreted in the urine. Sufficiency is achieved when 90% or more of the ingested amount is excreted in the urine. In most subjects tested, 3-4 tablets of Iodoral®/day were required to achieve whole body sufficiency within 3 months and the body retained approximately 1.5 gm iodine at sufficiency (4,8). The best response in patients with FDB was observed with ingestion of 2 tablets twice a day (8). Click Here to view or order an Iodine Loading test.

The Importance of Nutritional Counseling

Self diagnoses and treatment based solely on information found on the web or by word of mouth can be dangerous. For example, bodies can absorb up to a 300 percent difference in supplements, so a healthy dose for one, even a recommended dose on a package, can be toxic for another. Consultations are available to help you get the right supplements and the right dose for you. Once you begin the consultation process you will receive a complete supplement recommendation that will be tailored for your heath needs using expertise gained over 30 years in practice as a DC and NHD.

I recommend supplementation primarily with Standard Process brand products which are only legally available thru a doctor/patient relationship. If you find these products for sale on the internet; this is a violation of Standard Process guidelines. The products found on the internet are not guaranteed by Standard Process to have been stored properly and many are expired. We drop ship all Standard Process lab items directly from the company’s warehouse to your door, ensuring the freshest possible supplements arrive.

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Rocket Fuel in ALL Baby Formula – Did you read me? ALL!

DB here! I have followed toxicity for a long time. Percholate is a compound that is from rocket fuel. I know this may seem hard to believe but it is everywhere. Percolates biggest issue is the fact that beside being toxic and a burden to your life it is also stressful to your thyroid by being antagonistic to iodine. Read the following:

(Natural News) The CDC has conducted a study of infant formula products sold in the United States and shockingly found they were all contaminated with rocket fuel chemicals! Published in the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology, these findings reveal that every single infant formula product tested was found to contain perchlorate. The highest levels were reportedly found in the cow’s milk formula products. How does perchlorate get into infant formula? It’s simple: It’s a contaminant in the water supply that’s given to dairy cows. Those cows, in turn, pass the perchlorate chemicals through their milk, and that milk is used to make infant formula that many (ignorant) parents still feed their babies. (Can you believe human mothers still feed their human babies milk made from bovine animals?) What’s a better alternative? First off, human breast milk is the obvious choice. But if that’s not available, goat’s milk infant formula is the next-best thing. (Check your local health food store for goat’s milk brands.) You can also read some recipes on home-made infant formula at the Dr. Weston Price Foundation http://www.westonaprice.org/childre…). Stop poisoning our babies! That rocket fuel chemicals are found in the water supply and, subsequently, infant formula is no surprise: Modern civilization is awash with toxic chemicals. Even breastfeeding may not avoid the issue, since virtually all human breast milk is also contaminated with perchlorate!  Check your water supply.   Read more by going to: http://www.naturalnews.com/025997.html

SPECIAL OFFER: This chemical is one of the reasons we offer a shower de-chlorinator on our web site. This is where you can go to get the shower head, it does not ever need a new cartridge, just perform a  back wash on it using the included instructions. You will really like it. http://www.druglessdoctor.com/EStore/AdditionalProducts/tabid/244/Default.aspx.  I suggest you get one now. We are giving you a savings this week only on our shower de-chlorinator. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. DB


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From a close perspective…

Hi all DMD (Dominic M. DeMaria)here!! It is true that DB is still on the road back to 100% and tonight is my turn to blog.  When DB told me that I could talk about anything, I thought “I’m sure that the blogosphere would love to know what his son actually felt about his parents writing a SEX BOOK“, but alas, not tonight, but maybe another time.  Now, I don’t want to get too “Delilah After Dark,” on everyone, but I honestly could not be more honored to have DB and Mrs. B as parents who have paved and are continuing to pave insight for my brother and myself, a long with sharing their wealth of knowledge to the World Wide Web. As for health, my brief testimony goes along the lines of being a son who may have enjoyed the college atmosphere a little too much and suffered the consequences, but after applying DB’s ABC’s continually for four years including drinking 1.5 L a day of water and getting enough rest my health including my energy levels, skin, and physique have made a complete turnaround, and if I can do it, honestly, anyone can do it. With that, I say to everyone “Bon Chance”

Slow the Aging Process, Fast! – Part 2

DB here!! OK, you read the earlier nugget and started drinking more water; right? I would not drink distilled water myself. It tends to deplete the body of critically needed minerals. You need minerals to assist the flax oil in making prostaglandin number three which takes away inflammation. I suggest you use Celtic Sea Salt® liberally (replace your conventional table salt). Vitamin C is very important for the creation of collagen. As you know or know now collagen is important for skin health.

I have found a source of vitamin C that will not cause cold sores or fibromyalgia: Are you ready for this? Red, yellow and orange bell peppers. Eat at least one half of one a red, yellow or orange bell pepper each day. Cut one up and put it in a sealed container along with your half of an apple, and four or five baby carrots. Do you want to know a little known nugget? Of course you do!  If you get indigestion with green bell peppers it may be that your gall bladder/liver mechanics are off. If this is the case you should be eating a half of an apple every day, or get some milk thistle or dandelion root from our web site (www.druglessdoctor.com). Those two items help the liver gall bladder flow. Now, this is really important: your skin needs collagen. Do you want to know a great source of collagen food precursor that you can get in the grocery store? Read the nugget tomorrow… 🙂   

Stiff joints? Dairy could be to blame.

DB here!! I have been out and about the last couple of weeks and have been people watching.  Today I spent time with my family at an afternoon movie.  There were many of all ages around walking.  This is what I saw, a set of steps by an escalator for people to choose their exit.  Most were going down the escalator.  The reason I bring this up is because I am in the process of releasing a book this year on Weight Loss.  There is a form of movement during the day  called NEAT…non exercise activity thermogenesis.  Taking the steps would as minimal as it seems, been a good alternative for many of the “chubby ones” taking a ride.  I would suggest for anyone, you want to park far from the store door, take a walk, ride your bike, rake leaves…just do something.  Now, I also have been noticing how stiff all ages are.  I can tell you,  most do not realize how limited their motion has become.  I know from my Chiropractic experience, manipulation of the spine will help keep you moving.  You do not want to become old and stiff.  Motion is life. Take your flax oil, do not drink or eat a lot of dairy.  Dairy creates stiffness.  Check out my Detox special for the early part of January at www.DruglessDoctor.com  We are giving a FREE Symptom Survey form Maestro assessment and FREE roll of Nitrazine pH paper….What a savings. DB

Natural Sore Throat Remedy

DB here!! Ok it is the day after Christmas, you probably had some of grandmas favorite recipe cookies, a few more drinks and wine then normal and you are not up to par right? So what are you going to do? Let me share a thought or two on how I help my patients. First, get some salt, of course I really recommend Celtic Sea Salt, but right now you can use what ever you would like. Scoop at least a teaspoon of salt in eight ounces of warm water, put some in your mouth and gargle with it, then spit it out. Do this several times, I mentioned this in a previous blog. Today I want to share another nugget, there are two large muscles in the front of your neck that are quite ropey, they are your SCM muscles. I would suggest you lay on your back and genlty with your thumb and index finger start by squeezing from the top of the muscle down. What you are doing is draining the lymph channels and nodes if they are enlarged in your neck. This will assist your body in the cleanse. I would also, get some warm or even hot water and put a squeezed lemon wedge in it. Drink the water and eat the lemon. More often than not, people get sick when their body pH is acid. The lemon water will help you become alkaline. I know you are thinking the lemon is acid; trust me it ends up alkaline in your intestines. The ash from lemons is alkaline. Here is a long term maintenance thought, go to my link on products and look at the Agrisept-L. I personally take ten drops a day and have for years. Agriesept-L is a citric seed extract with lemon, grape fruit and tangerine. It is one of the BEST products we have ever used. Everyone in your family could use it. I have seen long term finger nail fungus go away on patients using it. Later. DB