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Ear Infection? Just say “no” to dairy and chocolate!

DB here!! This week in the USA Today there was an article discussing children and Chiropractic Adjustments. The article was about a mom who also is a college professor. It appeared this must have been her first, anyway, the baby was not responding to accepted medical care, whatever that means. The baby could not lay without pain, there was also neck pain with movement and challenges breast feeding. With the approval of her pediatrician the mom took the baby to a Chiropractor, and guesses what? Within moments of the first treatment the baby started having improvement!! Surprised? I am not we see it all the time in the office.

I just treated a young boy today who I wrote about some time ago, the mom had given him candy coated chocolate (M & M’s), for potty training. This was the first chocolate, sugar and dairy exposure, within a week he had a DOUBLE FULL BLOWN ear infection!  I just saw the boy today; ears were clear and of course no more M & M’s. We adjusted him, plus recommended Ear Drops we have on our web page, the mom was ecstatic, here is the link, http://druglessdoctor.com/tabid/239/Default.aspx. The mom said the drops helped a lot. I would suggest if you have a child who has chronic challenges, and is not responding to care, take them to your family Chiropractor. If you do not have one, ask around. I had my MD mom in this week with her child. One last thought, go to my TV programs and watch the DVD’s on ADHD. The average child’s neck measurement is 10 degrees when the have ADHD, normal is 45 degrees. You can learn more in Chapter 16 of my ADHD book. This is serious stuff. I want to help you and your family. DB